Ellison Moves Off Eligible List

It was revealed on Tuesday that the high-flying co-founder and CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison wed his fiancé in a secret ceremony last month.

The rumors are true. Larry Ellison is no longer a free man and those seeking an eligible billionaire bachelor must look elsewhere.

The high-flying co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corp, Ellison wed his fiancé in a secret ceremony last month.

Four-time husband Ellison married his long-time partner Melanie Craft at an undisclosed location just before Christmas, according to a CBS MarketWatch.com article.

Oracle spokeswoman Jennifer Glass said in a statement that Ellison is in fact married, but said the company has no additional comment or detail.

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A romance novel writer, Craft appears to draw on real life experience for inspiration.

The protagonist in Crafts "Man Trouble" novel, due in May, is a romance author trying to make over billionaire Jake Berenger into a family man. It seems Jakes business is in trouble because his "bad-boy image is losing its luster," according to Crafts plot.

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