Embarcadero Technologies Eases Data Modeling with Templates

Data modeling templates are one way database administrators can stop reinventing the wheel.

Embarcadero Technologies is selling data modeling templates for its ER/Studio product as a way for database administrators to be able to stop reinventing the wheel every time the need for data modeling or data warehouse design comes up.

Dubbed Universal Data Models, the templates are off-the-shelf data model designs for nine common subject areas and seven verticals.

"A lot of these templates have the insights of mistakes that I have made, and mistakes that other people have made, to say, oh yeah, theres a more effective way of doing that," said modeling expert Len Silverston, who designed the 16 templates for his own use over a number of years.


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"One of the challenges in our field for decades … is that many projects have been bogged down and people get into discussions about the best way to do these boxes and lines, the best way to do this data model," he said. "Theres got to be templates, just like in programming, that we can apply."

The nine subject areas include people and organizations; product; orders and agreements; shipments and deliveries; work effort and project management; and invoicing and time billing. Verticals include the health care and travel industries.

This method can improve the quality of data models by providing a quality assurance checkpoint that allows DBAs to validate work and foresee possible pitfalls, said officials of San Francisco-based Embarcadero Technologies.


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