Emics Open-Source App Clusters Find a Host

Emic Networks is bringing its application clusters for open-source databases together with hosting and management services from Dutch company Multrix.

Emic Networks is putting more high-availability muscle into its application clustering technology for the open-source stack by partnering with hosting company Multrix. Emic will announce the partnership at LinuxWorld in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Multrix, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, hosts applications and provides management, maintenance, and help desk and support services for medium-sized and large companies.

Emic provides application clustering for MySQL databases and Apache Web servers, as well as for entire (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Python/Perl) and LAMJ (Linux, Apache, MySQL and JSP/J2EE) stacks.

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"Emics clustering solutions offer the reliability that we value and meet the high standards we expect in an application solution partner," Multrix founder Phillip Actor said in a statement.

"As an Application Service Provider, it is essential that we trust the applications that we provide to our customers. Emics solution allows us to be confident that the services we provide for our customers will always be up," Actor said.

Dan Kusnetzky, an analyst at IDC Corp., said the partnership is indicative of how showings at LinuxWorld reflect Linuxs arrival as a mainstream choice.

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"If you look at what people are announcing at LinuxWorld, its more about enterprise systems, virtualization, security and enterprise application environments," Kusnetzky said. "[Thats] all youd think to see if a platform is being put into service running critical applications for people."

Virtualization of all types is under discussion at LinuxWorld, he said, for purposes spanning storage, provisioning and management, security and beyond.

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