EnterpriseDB Picks Up PostgreSQL Super-Developers

The company has hired Bruce Momjian, leading PostgreSQL developer and member of the open-source database's Core Team, to serve as senior database architect. It also hired Simon Riggs, another major PostgreSQL contributor.

BOSTON—EnterpriseDB has scooped up Bruce Momjian, a leading PostgreSQL developer and member of the open-source databases Core Team, to serve as senior database architect, the company announced here at LinuxWorld on April 4.

The company also hired Simon Riggs, another major PostgreSQL contributor and an authority on the databases performance.

Riggs will work alongside Momjian and will also have the title of senior database architect.

EnterpriseDB markets a product, Advanced Server, based on the latest version of the open-source PostgreSQL database.

Beyond basing its database on one of the most robust open-source databases out there, EnterpriseDB also polishes Advanced Server to be highly compatible with Oracle, making migration to its more affordable product an attractively easy alternative to Oracle.

Most recently, Sony Online Entertainment jumped ship, dumping Oracle to move over to EnterpriseDB.

/zimages/2/28571.gifTo read more about Sonys move to EnterpriseDB, click here.

Momjian, whos worked on PostgreSQL since 1996, is a PostgreSQL Committer: one of the few who have the authority to open the gates to changes of the official PostgreSQL code base.

He also was previously vice president of database development at Great Bridge, a PostgreSQL support company.

Riggs is recognized for his work on PostgreSQL features such as Point in Time Recovery in Version 8, Partitioning in Version 8.1 and Sort enhancements in Version 8.2. His work focuses on improving the database for use by enterprise applications that require a high level of reliability and scalability.

A news release quoted EnterpriseDB CEO Andy Astor as he pledged to sponsor Momjians and Riggs work on PostgreSQL.

"By sponsoring Bruces and Simons PostgreSQL work—as we sponsor others—we preserve and enhance the community," Astor said in the release.

"At the same time, EnterpriseDB benefits from the contributions of these talented individuals and from the community at large."

EnterpriseDB also announced that it is opening a United Kingdom Enterprise Performance Center, near Oxford, England.

At the center, Riggs will head up a team of engineers who will focus on ramping up performance and scalability of EnterpriseDB and PostgreSQL.

Momjian, for his part, has approved of the way EnterpriseDB has worked with the PostgreSQL community since its inception.

The news release quoted him as saying just that: "I am very excited to be joining EnterpriseDB, which has been an active and generous supporter of the PostgreSQL community since the company launched last year," he said in the release.

"Its financial and technology contributions have significantly advanced the PostgreSQL effort, and EnterpriseDB will continue to do so. My role at EnterpriseDB will allow me to be as active as ever in the community. The company and I have agreed that PostgreSQL leadership and contribution will continue to be my highest priorities."

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