FileMaker Releases Database App for iPad, iPhone

FileMaker released two versions of its database product for the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.

FileMaker is nudging the iPad and iPhone further into the enterprise space by bringing their database technology to the mobile devices' users.

The company released FileMaker Go iPhone and FileMaker Go for iPad Tuesday, and the programs are now available through Apple's iTunes App Store. With FileMaker Go, users can view, edit and search for information in FileMaker databases.

The applications also allow mobile users to access databases created by FileMaker Pro and hosted on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Go can access databases on a Mac or PC through a local wireless network or over the Web via WiFi or 3G. All changes are instantly updated in the hosted file, the company said.

Users can also copy databases between their desktop or laptop computers and FileMaker Go via File Sharing in iTunes. Databases can also be downloaded by e-mail or file-sharing sites, the company said.

"FileMaker Pro users want access to their desktop and server based FileMaker Pro data via iPhone and iPad devices," Kevin Mallon, senior public relations manager for FileMaker, told eWEEK. "Absolutely, with over 70 million iPhones in the market and the exploding iPad market, we believe that the mobile market opportunity is huge."

The FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPod touch (running IOS 4) is available for $19.99, while FileMaker Go for iPad (running IOS 3.2) is $39.99.