Geekspeak: September 24, 2001

Database Drivers Bypass Oracle Libraries for Speed

When building and deploying OBDC-based applications, IT staff must make sure needed Open Database Connectivity drivers and vendor-supplied client libraries are also installed before the application will work. Merant Solutions DataDirect Connect ODBC 4.0, which shipped this month, simplifies that application deployment process by removing the need to deploy vendor-supplied database connection libraries for Oracles databases.

DataDirect Connect speaks Oracles native wire-level protocol, meaning no Oracle client installation is needed to connect to Oracle databases. This design also speeds performance over other ODBC drivers for Oracle (including Oracles own) that go through the extra step of converting ODBC calls to Oracles native Oracle Call Interface calls and then using Oracles native libraries.

DataDirect Connect continues to include native wire protocol drivers for IBMs DB2 and Informix, Microsofts SQL Server, and Sybases Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise databases.

The drivers cost $99 per client license or $4,000 per CPU when used on a server. They are available on Windows and several Unix operating systems.