HP Autonomy Delivers Digital Marketing Hub

HP Autonomy jumped into the digital marketing space with a new digital marketing solution known as HP Digital Marketing Hub.

Hewlett-Packard entered the digital marketing space earlier this month, which has seen serious offerings from the likes of IBM and Adobe Systems—which dedicated half of its company to digital marketing—among others. HP's offering, HP Digital Marketing Hub, comes from the company's Autonomy unit. eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft spoke with Robert Youngjohns, general manager of HP Autonomy, to gain more insight into HP's foray into digital marketing. The Q&A follows.

What is the HP Digital Marketing Hub?

Put simply, HP Digital Marketing Hub is a new digital marketing solution from HP Autonomy that lets marketers deliver compelling and personalized experiences to customers based on a real-time analysis of the massive volumes of information that pour into an organization across multiple customer touch points. The Hub helps businesses increase conversions and revenue by analyzing large chunks of data to segment customer bases, build audience models, and deliver personalized content and offers to customers. It's where big data, marketing analytics and big content merge, for big results.

How does this play into HP's strategy for the digital marketing space, and what is that strategy?

We see digital marketing as a tremendous opportunity for HP and believe we bring a very differentiated solution to market that will make businesses more successful. No one else can bring the scale, the depth of analytics, and the proven background and expertise in delivering highly targeted solutions for the chief marketing officer and chief digital officer.

While the Digital Marketing Hub announcement signals an important direction for HP, it also builds on a very strong heritage from HP Autonomy in the digital marketing space. Over the years, tens of thousands of companies have turned to HP Autonomy to create and deliver compelling Websites and experiences that increase customer engagement and conversions. For example, Japan's All Nippon Airways has generated a multimillion-dollar revenue increase by using HP Autonomy solutions to optimize the content, layout and offers by visitor segment on their Website.

Marketers today more than ever are highly focused on driving results. At the same time, they are challenged by the volume and velocity of data that pours into an organization from social channels, contact centers and their own sites—big data by definition. If they could harness that data in real time to understand customer behaviors, thereby optimizing their marketing campaigns to reach customers where, when and how they prefer, that company does better business. HP's strategy in digital marketing is simple: Provide the best big data analytics in order to optimize real-time multichannel experiences across any one of the customer touch points.

What problem does the Digital Marketing Hub solve?

With the explosion of big data in the last few years, it's a new frontier for marketers. But many are overwhelmed trying to deal with it, much less turning it to their advantage. It used to be "if I could only find the data to solve this problem, I'd be in good shape." Now it's "there is so much data, I don't know how to handle it."

For example, it's not uncommon for businesses to have invested in dozens of systems, including customer relationship management, e-commerce, email management, marketing automation, search and bid management, and social media systems. Each of these solutions addresses customer data in some form or another and is capable of completing its intended task. But we hear from customers, industry analysts and partners that the data from these systems often sits in silos and is not put to use effectively.