HP's Autonomy Focused on Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Security: GM - Page 3

Then we have financial services. Most of the world's largest banks depend on HP Autonomy to keep their information house in order. We're really the only solution that can archive, govern and retrieve the mountains of data they produce every day. Being a global, publicly traded bank is a high-stakes business. You are operating on a 1,000-foot high wire. You have to deal with a massive global web of international regulations and compliance laws. Failure to comply can mean huge fines, jail time or even the end of the company. And, of course, they operate in hair-trigger markets that move with punishing speed.

What are some other examples of technology integration between HP and Autonomy?

I am really excited about the concept of using our Aurasma augmented-reality technology combined with HP printers for something called Live Paper, which is about enhancing user experiences by triggering engaging digital content on a mobile phone or tablet by holding it up to a static image.

Another example is how HP integrated Autonomy's archiving and data protection software with its storage solutions. Now, we can offer a single, standardized deduplication engine that runs across the enterprise from the edge to the corporate data center to the cloud. Also, HP and Autonomy have integrated Autonomy's enterprise content management solution with HP Flow [multifunction printers (MFPs)] for the legal market. We also see this pairing as relevant for any regulated industry like health care and government, where it's crucial to manage the flow of documents and information, keeping in mind the complex security, storage and compliance requirements. Pairing HP hardware with Autonomy software takes care of the whole picture.

Tell us about the recent Aurasma news.

From SXSW last month, we announced version 2.0 of the Aurasma augmented-reality platform, which includes better object and image recognition, plus a fuller suite of cloud and social features. Aurasma now has more than 16,000 customers in 100 countries using augmented reality in everything from interactive advertising campaigns to bringing fans closer to recording artists, sports teams, and fashion and retail brands. Huge names, including GQ, Marvel and Subaru, plan to use 2.0 in forthcoming marketing campaigns, and it's one of the most exciting emerging technologies coming out of HP Autonomy on the marketing front.

I also should mention that HP released an app for iOS called HP Live Photo, which lets you take a video, pick out a still frame from the video, share the image on Facebook or print it, and when a user scans the image, the whole video plays back on the user's device. So, for example, your business card could come to life with a video of you speaking, or you could even print holiday cards that come to life to your family and friends around the world. You are effectively sending a video to someone via a paper medium. The app is powered by the Aurasma engine, which is based on IDOL technology. So, yet another example of Autonomy and HP innovating together.

How do you attract top talent?

There are a number of ways to engage and retain the base. Of course we went through some initial bumps, but morale is way up and we are hiring. The HP Autonomy team sees nothing but the upside in being part of HP. And to counter what you may have heard, there has been no executive or engineering turnover since I took the helm six months ago. And, actually, employee turnover has dropped overall by more than 60 percent since May 2012.What I'm telling the market and customers is—take a closer look at Autonomy today. Talk to our employees, test our products and ask the hard questions. I know you will see a positive and motivated team that is completely focused on customer success.