IBM, 10gen Partner to Push MongoDB for Mobile, Web Development

IBM and 10gen announced an agreement to work together to promote MongoDB as a standard NoSQL database for mobile and Web developers.

ORLANDO, Fla.—IBM and 10gen, the MongoDB company, have announced they are collaborating on a database development standard to push MongoDB as a core NoSQL database for enterprises building Web and mobile apps.

IBM said the standard is aimed at revolutionizing how Global 5000 companies connect their existing systems with new computing technologies to unlock valuable data and create sophisticated apps for the enterprise. The two companies will bridge the gap between the new era of big data, cloud, mobile and social business technologies with the enterprise world of record databases where enterprises manage massive amounts of data, company officials said.

Speaking at a press event at the IBM Innovate 2013 conference here, Matt Asay, vice president of business development and corporate strategy at 10gen, said, "IBM embraces open source communities. And IBM is working with 10gen in establishing MongoDB as an industry standard for NoSQL databases. But this by no means indicates that IBM will be diminishing its investment in its own proprietary databases." Asay was quick to note that he was not trying to speak for IBM.

The identification of a standard NoSQL database is important because millions of developers designing Web and mobile apps are using popular NoSQL database technology such as MongoDB, and companies need the tools to combine data from these new apps with enterprise databases like IBM's DB2 that power organizations of all sizes today. By embracing MongoDB, IBM is providing mobile developers with the ability to tap into critical data managed by DB2 systems and enable organizations to extend their business through compelling enterprise apps.

Moreover, the move to embrace MongoDB is part of IBM's MobileFirst strategy to enable new mobile computing capabilities for business. With this collaboration, IBM continues to broaden and enable the quick and easy development of mobile apps for the enterprise.

The standard will evolve from the widely adopted MongoDB query language and API to give developers and data administrators flexibility and choice when deploying modern applications. Using IBM Eclipse tools with IBM Worklight Studio, developers can now integrate MongoDB APIs for a consistent app development experience from device to the back end.

"10gen recognizes the importance of open governance models for developing projects for the community," said Max Schireson, CEO at 10gen, in a statement. "IBM has played a critical role in bringing important new technologies to the enterprise, including inventing the relational database and popularizing Structured Query Language (SQL) and Linux."

Furthermore, 10gen looks forward to collaborating with IBM and other parties to evolve the standards for interacting with MongoDB, Schireson said.

With its support of MongoDB, IBM will simplify for millions of developers the delivery of mobile apps that can "tap the vast data resources managed by business systems of record," said Jerry Cuomo, IBM fellow and WebSphere chief technical officer, in a statement. "IBM is making it easier than ever for these critical components of the enterprise to work together, embrace the technology shifts taking place today and extend business to the billions of mobile devices that now exist."