IBM DB2 Gets Sybase Migration Technology

IBM is pushing a new technology to allow Sybase ASE applications to seamlessly connect to a DB2 DBMS. The company announced the technology this week at its Information on Demand conference in Rome.

IBM is offering new technology that will allow Sybase users to move to IBM DB2 with virtually no changes to application code.

The technology is called DB2 SQL Skin, and will be sold to DB2 customers as a feature starting May 28. Developed jointly by IBM and ANTs Software, the technology is aimed at easing the migration of legacy applications compatible with Sybase ASE. SQL Skin allows SQL code such as queries and stored procedures from Sybase ASE to run natively and transparently against the DB2 DBMS with little-to-no changes to application code.

"Think about it just like a pull over, or literally like a skin. That's how we came up with the name," explained Boris Bialek, IBM Program Director, Information Management, Technology Ecosystem.

According to ANTs, the technology reduces costs, risks and complexities associated with database migration, as well as legacy costs and maintenance. Bialek left open the possibility the technology could be extended in the future to cover other databases besides Sybase ASE.

"We're looking to do more and more things; we're looking into what the customers want...right now this is what we have today," Bialek said.