IBM Launches Data Exchange for Marketers - Page 2

Rocket Fuel said it is bringing its Rocket Fuel Programmatic Marketing Platform to the IBM UBX to empower marketers with control of all their customer data via an easy-to-use, integrated console. The integration supports the ability to push published segments and attributes back into the IBM Marketing Cloud through the Rocket Fuel Data Management Platform (DMP). This flow of real-time customer data delivers more targeted and personalized customer experiences through IBM UBX, speeding time to market from weeks to one day.

By joining IBM UBX, Rocket Fuel also brings its Rocket Fuel's Moment Scoring technology to the IBM Marketing Cloud. As a result, marketers will be able to activate their IBM data across paid channels and provide an additional layer of sophistication by optimizing data to help ensure campaigns target the precise moment for a person to receive a marketing message on the right device. Moment Scoring performs a real-time calculation for each ad opportunity to determine the likelihood a consumer will engage in a desired marketing action across channels, devices and objectives.

"In today's marketing climate, identifying your target customer is only the starting point," Simon Hayhurst, senior vice president of products and business development at Rocket Fuel, said in a statement. "The UBX lets marketers move beyond demographics and first party data. They can now leverage contextual and behavioral factors, including device, time of day, prior purchase behavior and interests, to reach the right individual, and deliver the most relevant message on the right device, at the exact moment of influence."

MediaMath, creator of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, also joined IBM's UBX, enabling marketers to connect their ad tech and marketing technology to drive more consistent consumer experiences and increase ROI.

Through UBX, MediaMath can bi-directionally share data with IBM Commerce solutions such as IBM Marketing Cloud, IBM Engage Mobile, IBM Digital Analytics and more. This allows for seamless communication between technologies and the ability to activate insights and execute optimized campaigns across paid and owned channels.

"Industry thought leaders are anticipating the convergence of ad tech and martech, but together with MediaMath, we're making it a reality," Jay Henderson, director of the IBM Marketing Cloud, said in a statement. "IBM's roots in marketing automation, customer engagement and digital analytics, coupled with MediaMath's expertise in paid media, represent a huge leap toward true omni-channel, customer-centric marketing."

The integration between TerminalOne and IBM will allow marketers to increase conversions with offers that are tailored to an individual consumer, whether online or in the store. As a result, teams can execute more personalized campaigns across email and paid media channels to improve customer experiences in real time, protect their brand on social channels and engage customers when they are most likely to convert, the companies said.

Gigya also plays a role in the UBX ecosystem. IBM is including Gigya's customer identity management offering to provide a contextual view of customer buying behaviors across all channels, devices and interactions. With it, marketers can seamlessly design and deploy effective campaigns, delivering meaningful experiences in an instant, while driving ROI.

Gigya helps consumer brands create a seamless customer log-in experience—via registration-as-a-service and by automated log-ins from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This gives brands access to first-party, permission-based identity data directly from the consumer. With that information, brands can track customers regardless of the device used to access the brand content, and they can customize the customer experience. Gigya is the customer-identity-management partner for IBM's Marketing Cloud, and the partnership helps deliver customers' IT departments a seamless integration experience.