IBM Launches Data Insight Services With Twitter, The Weather Company

IBM introduced Insight Cloud Services with Twitter and The Weather Company at IBM Insight 2015.

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LAS VEGAS -- IBM announced new IBM Insight Cloud Services in collaboration with Twitter and The Weather Company. The services are designed to help users cut through the noise of unstructured data, and help turn streaming data into insights.

IBM made the announcement at its Insight 2015 conference here. The new cloud-based services use analytic models to simplify the process of combining internal and external data, then find and connect important signals to deliver insights.

"Insight Cloud Services help clients create actionable insights from the noisy reality of the world," said Joel Cawley, general manager of Information and Insights as a Service at IBM, in a statement. “IBM is applying data science expertise and advanced analytics to exploit external data, find and connect the signals in that data to create new insights, and then deliver these insights embedded in clients' business processes."

Insight Cloud Services help enterprises achieve the benefits of cognitive technology as they learn from a variety of data sets and receive feedback from the outcomes that occur to help them to achieve more accurate outcomes. For example, an insurance company can make the most of data by alerting their customers to adverse weather conditions, potentially reducing claims and improving customer satisfaction.

New IBM Insight APIs for Developers can be accessed from IBM’s Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS) to incorporate historical and forecasted weather data from The Weather Company into Web and mobile apps. The APIs also enable developers to incorporate Twitter content that is enriched with sentiment insights from IBM, from Decahose or PowerTrack streams.

The IBM Insight Data Packages for Weather are new bundled data sets from IBM and The Weather Company customized for key industries and available on the IBM Cloud. Built on a variety of weather data feeds that provide everything from real-time alerts for severe weather disasters to seasonal forecasts, the data packages can help insurers use weather data to alert policyholders ahead of hail storms that may cause property damage, help utilities forecast demand and identify likely service outages, help local governments to develop detailed emergency planning in advance of severe weather, and enable many industries such as retail to use data to help optimize their operations, reduce costs and uncover revenue opportunities ahead of changes in weather, IBM said.

Octo Telematics, a leading insurance telematics services provider, is using IBM Insight Data Packages for Weather as an input to its driver behavior scoring app, which offers personalized pay-how-you-drive – or usage-based-insurance – quotes based on driver behavior.