LABS GALLERY: Talend Open Studio Eases ETL Chores

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LABS GALLERY: Talend Open Studio Eases ETL Chores

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A Familiar Interface

Since Talend Open Studio is based on Eclipse, I found its interface familiar from the first time I fired it up.

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File Metadata

With the product's New Delimited File wizard, I made short work of mydata-source-tweaking chores.

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Job Design Canvas

I dragged my data source and target components onto the product's jobdesign canvas.

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Job Statistics

While my jobs ran, I could watch as that product's rows, rows-per-second and elapsed-time indicators marked the flow of my test data.

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Database Connections

I could choose from 31 different types of database connections, which included a full range of database products as well as generic ODBC and JDBC connections.

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Database Settings

I modified a few settings for the database output element, indicating, for instance, that TOS should create a new table to receive the data.

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Data in Place

After importing my campaign data from my CSV files to MySQL, I confirmed that the records had arrived safely.

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SQL Builder

I used the product's SQL Builder to pick out subsets of my data for further processing or migration.

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tMap Element

The product's tMap component allowed me to map particular columns from my database to a SugarCRM Web service, while transforming certain columns en route.

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