MapR 5.0 Makes Its Debut at Hadoop Summit

MapR Technologies introduced version 5.0 of its Hadoop distribution at the Hadoop Summit 2015.

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MapR Technologies, which provides a popular Apache Hadoop distribution, announced version 5.0 of its MapR Distribution.

Introduced at the Hadoop Summit, the latest MapR release auto-synchronizes storage, database and search indices to support real-time applications. MapR 5.0 also includes comprehensive security auditing, Apache Drill support, and the latest Hadoop 2.7 and YARN features.

"With the newest release of the MapR Distribution, we continue to lead the market in delivering reliable and real-time Hadoop to the enterprise," said Anil Gadre, senior vice president of product management at MapR, in a statement. "We help enable the 'as-it-happens' business where organizations can shorten their data-to-action cycle. Our product is deployed at customer sites and industries that are highly regulated due to their use of sensitive data, which proves that MapR is architected for enterprise-grade security requirements."

Jack Norris, chief marketing officer at MapR, said MapR 5.0 is architected for processing big and fast data on a single data platform that enables a new class of real-time applications. Enterprises are increasingly deploying multiple applications on a single Hadoop cluster, he said. In fact, 18 percent of MapR customers are deploying over 50 separate applications on a single cluster.

"Designed as a large-scale batch data analysis system, Hadoop is not often associated with operational analytics or transaction processing," said Carl W. Olofson, research vice president, data management software research at IDC, in a statement. "Hadoop adds tremendous value for decision management at the strategic and operational levels, but still is emerging as a framework for making tactical decisions 'in the moment.' With Hadoop innovations—such as those in MapR 5.0–happening every day, enterprises should consider using Hadoop as a 'Decision Data Platform' that functions as a single platform for handling both live operational data and real-time analytics."

The MapR Distribution including Hadoop version 5.0 extends the MapR Real-time, Reliable Data Transport framework to deliver and synchronize data in real time to external compute engines. The first supported external compute engine is Elasticsearch to enable synchronized full-text search indexes automatically without writing custom code, MapR said.

"Customers want search indexes automatically synchronized with the latest data updates," said Jobi George, global partner director at Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, in a statement. "The MapR architecture makes this easier for application developers who need to let their end users search for data almost immediately after it is updated."

The new release also enhances MapR's data governance and security, with comprehensive auditing for all data accesses via log files in JSON format. This enables extensive reporting and validation and quick analysis with Apache Drill. This also adds to the trusted security capabilities MapR already provides for authentication and authorization.

With the new Drill Views feature, organizations have field-level access controls on unstructured data files. In addition, analysts gain agile data governance by sharing data sets with custom access permissions via Views and eliminating the need to involve IT intervention for access control. Also, the comprehensive auditing capabilities in MapR 5.0 let organizations log user activity, which is particularly important for understanding user behavior as well as for achieving regulatory compliance. These new security and data governance advancements lay the foundation for value-adding partner technologies.