Microsoft Sheds Light on Yukon Delay - Page 2

Tom Rizzo, group product manager for SQL Server, agreed. "Peoples data is golden," said. "Its everything to a corporation. Thats why were taking the time to make sure Yukon, when it comes out of the gate, is rock solid.

IT managers have told us theyd sacrifice features for quality and scalability and enterprise ease of use. … [Thats why] were going to take an extended beta cycle, to make sure we meet the needs of our customers."

To ensure that Yukon uses kid gloves with data, Microsoft is entrusting it with its own data. The company is moving its internal SQL 2000 deployments—including both big and small operations, such as those in use with its human resources intranet site or its payroll operations—onto the database platform. Yukon wont be released until internal operations are up to snuff, Rizzo said.

Thats standard operating procedure for a lot of Microsoft product releases, Rizzo said, although not necessarily for SQL Server updates. Why the extra caution? Because Yukon is a "big, big release," he said—one that will include a host of innovations in three key areas.

Those areas are enterprise abilities, including scalability, availability, reliability, security and manageability; programming interoperability, including integration of .Net technologies into Yukon and .Net enhancements to ensure those development platforms work seamlessly with the database; and business intelligence enhancements that will quadruple the amount of data-mining capabilities in the current SQL Server version.

Innovations on the availability and scalability side will include improvements to the core engine and enhanced query execution in the query optimizer, Rizzo said. Yukon will also feature manageability improvements such as one, unified user interface for managing all data assets—including business intelligence functionality—as opposed to SQL Servers current setup, with the Enterprise Manager UI for access to the relational side of the house and another UI for Microsofts business intelligence products.