Microsoft Sheds Light on Yukon Delay - Page 3

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Another manageability gain will be a Pocket PC version of Pocket MOM (Microsoft Operations Manager), to allow DBAs (database administrators) to administer database deployments from their PDAs. This feature will enable DBAs to check server status and reboot remotely and will likely be released at some point prior to Yukons release, Rizzo said.

Yukons delay was also spurred by Microsofts efforts to integrate .Net technologies into Yukon and to enhance Visual Studio so that it works seamlessly within the Yukon environment. Also in the developer arena are forthcoming XML capabilities, including XQuery support, and Web Services integration.

Finally, business intelligence will be huge in Yukon, Rizzo said, with more algorithms to do predictive modeling on what customers buy and what companies can likely sell to them. SQL Server currently features two algorithms—decision tree and clustering. Yukon will pick up an addition six algorithms, including time series.

Yukon will also ship with reporting services that will allow customers to create reports on relational and business intelligence data. The reports designer feature is integrated with Visual Studio .Net, a drag and drop environment in which developers can quickly do things like add charts.

A variety of formats will be supported, included HTML, PDF, Excel, .TIFF, .JPEG and XML—the last of which will enable reporting into another operational system, such as a batch feed into a mainframe, for example.