MySQL 5 Arrives

After more than three years, the long-awaited open-source DBMS MySQL 5 has finally arrived, bringing ANSI SQL features.

Three years in the making, MySQL 5.0 was finally released on Monday.

MySQL AB delivers new, and long-awaited, ANSI SQL features in this latest version of the popular open-source DBMS.

These new features include both read-only and updated views, stored procedures row-level triggers, both read-only and non-scrolling server-side cursors, and stored functions that rely on the SQL:2003 syntax. This is the same version of SQL that is used in IBM DB2.

"Implementing ANSI SQL standard ways of using existing MySQL features means there will be fewer unpleasant surprises ("gotchas") for those migrating to MySQL from other database systems," wrote MySQL Vice President of Community Relations Kaj Arnouml on the companys site.

For example, MySQL 5.0 adds a mode that enables strict data-type checking. Thus, the database will issue errors for invalid dates, numbers and strings without requiring additional programming.

The new MySQL also include an ANSI SQL-compliant Data Dictionary to access metadata and a new library for arithmetic that will give high accuracy on financial and mathematical operations.

MySQL 5.0 also packs new storage engines, tools and extensions. For example, the Archive Storage Engine is designed for storing large amounts of data without indexes in a very small footprint. Thats intended to handle historical data to keep enterprises in compliance with audits, such as with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations.

The new MySQL 5.0 also includes an Instance Manager tool for starting and stopping the MySQL Server both locally or remotely.

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"We are quite proud to deliver this new version of MySQL," said Marten Mickos, MySQLs CEO. "It includes the most-requested features from our users, customers and partners. With their feedback, we have been able to provide important enterprise-class features while staying true to MySQLs renowned heritage of high-performance, reliability and ease-of-use."

The new version also comes with broad industry support. Over 30 enterprise software and database tool vendors have already expressed support for MySQL 5.0.

The production version of MySQL 5.0 is available now for Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IBM AIX 5L and several other operating systems.

As before, all MySQL database software is available under a dual licensing model. Developers and organizations can choose between an open-source (GPL) or a commercial MySQL license, depending on their deployment requirements.

Commercial customers are already planning on moving to 5.0.

"MySQL 5.0 represents a huge leap in features and functionality for the MySQL database," said Gunter Rombauts, European IT manager for Chicago Metallic, in a statement.

"As a worldwide leader in metal ceiling systems, its critical that our database supports heavy-duty enterprise applications with speed and reliability. We are looking forward to using MySQL 5.0 as a key component of Chicago Metallics global IT infrastructure."

MySQL 5.0 can be downloaded from the companys site.

Additional details on 5.0s best and brightest can be found at the sites nutshell page.

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