MySQL CEO Mickos Addresses Critics, Looks to Open-Source Growth

Interview: MySQL CEO Marten Mickos responds to Slashdot critics, expounds on the open-source database market and offers an outlook on 2004.

Few can expect any open source-related news to escape its share of both withering scorn and good insight from venues such as Slashdot. This premise held true when a recent, independent study done by Reasoning Inc. claimed that open source database MySQL was some 6 times cleaner than comparable proprietary code.

With the comments on Slashdot in mind, and with the knowledge that MySQL 5.0 will be announced soon, Database Editor Lisa Vaas decided to catch up with MySQL AB CEO Marten Mickos to get some feedback on the community commentary and to find out what his companys planning in the new year.

/zimages/6/28571.gif•Click here to read a sampling of Slashdot comments and to click on through to the entire discussion. What are your expectations, plans, hopes and wishes for MySQL as it enters the new year?

Mickos: I believe 2004 will be a year of great economies. There will be good economy for users of Linux who expand to use the entire open-source stack. There will be good economy for all those open-source vendors who by now have a viable business model. And there will be economies of scale as open-source solutions are being duplicated, replicated and multiplied all over the world.

/zimages/6/28571.gif seeing some up tick in the economy. How do you think that will impact MySQL?

Mickos:I agree with the view that the economy is slowly recovering, and thats good news for everyone. That said, customers tell us that they will continue to want to do more with less, and thats why I believe that MySQLs business may grow faster in 2004 than in 2003.

You might even claim (and I certainly believe so) that open source is one of the enablers of the economic recovery, as it allows companies to expand and deploy new systems without having to risk their financial stability.

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