MySQL Partners with Sage to Expand Reach

MySQL, the open-source database company, gets a boost in the financial software space with a global agreement with Sage Software.

Sage Software announced on Oct. 26 that its parent, UK-based The Sage Group, has penned a global partnership with Swedish-based MySQL AB, which will allow Sage to insert MySQLs database technology into their product portfolio.

This long-term partnership allows any Sage application to use MySQL technology within clearly defined terms.

In an interview with eWEEK, John Schoutsen, vice president of corporate communications for Sage, said that they will start by supporting the database with their Peachtree Accounting and Simply Accounting Products.

When those products are updated in 2007, they will include MySQLs database. As a result, users will not be subjected to licensing costs.

MySQL has developed an array of database products and it has done so by being open to large systems, which has helped the company to achieve a high number of installations.

Klaus-Michael Vogelberg, chief technology officer of The Sage Group, said in a statement that the company chose MySQL because of its resourcefulness and its strong background in database technology.

"Having made the decision to further improve the database technology that underpins our product, we chose MySQL as it proved to be the most powerful and versatile solution available," Vogelberg said.

"MySQL embraces an open-source methodology which injects rigor and agility into the development process."

Sage boasts that MySQLs database technology is easy to use, which translates into efficiency for business people.

"This approach accelerates innovation and has allowed MySQL to become an incredibly flexible technology," Vogelberg said in the same statement.

Vogelberg said that other benefits of using MySQL include affordability and flexibility for users.

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"MySQL reduces overall cost of ownership as it is not dependent on one platform or stack, and it has low hardware requirements which keeps cost down for SMEs [small and midsize enterprises] and gives our customers choice in how they use their Sage products in relation to operating systems and other applications," Vogelberg said.

David Axmark, one of MySQL ABs co-founders said in the same statement that this agreement affirms that MySQL is one of the stronger database leaders available to users.

"It is an incredibly strong validation for MySQL to be selected as a database standard by Sage—a clear business software leader," Axmark said.

"We look forward to working with Sages operating companies to learn how their customers might benefit from MySQL."

The Peachtree and Simply Accounting products are available today and will be updated with the MySQL database next year.

Consumers can visit the Simply Accounting Web site to purchase the current versions of these products.

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