MySQL Supports Transactions

MySQL announces new full support for transactions in its open-source database.

MySQL Inc. has announced new full support for transactions in the MySQL open-source database.

The addition of transaction support will help users of the standard version of the popular open-source technology develop and deploy enterprise applications better equipped for commercial e-business environments, officials at the Seattle-based company said.

Company officials said the prominent new feature in MySQL is the InnoDB transactional storage engine, a high-performance technology compliant with the Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability (ACID) standard for open-source database systems. InnoDB is an open-source technology from Innobase Oy Inc., of Helsinki, Finland.

The InnoDB system features transaction support including commit, rollback and crash recovery; row-level locking; multiversioning; and non-locking reads, the company said.

"Our transactional engine has already been tested and proven by millions of users in the open-source community to be an extremely reliable back end that offers many of the features necessary to develop heavy-duty applications," Marten Mickos, chief executive of MySQL, said in a statement. "Now, MySQL users can get the best of both worlds--transaction support with high concurrency for enterprise applications as well as our non-transactional architecture for lightning fast Web sites. We anticipate that the new features along with its low cost of ownership will make MySQL an even more attractive option for enterprise users."

MySQL offers its MySQL database in three versions: MySQL Pro, which is the standard configuration that now features the InnoDB transaction engine; MySQL Classic, which does not have transactional support; and MySQL Max, which includes everything in MySQL Pro plus the Berkeley DB storage engine, embedded database technology that provides data management services for developers. Sleepycat Software Inc., of Lincoln, Mass., distributes the open-source technology.