New Version of Sybase IQ Improves Load Speeds and Data Query Performance

Sybase unveils Sybase IQ 15, the latest version of its analytics server. The new version includes a number of enhancements to improve speed and performance. The column-oriented database management system has a number of competitors in the data warehouse space, including Teradata and Vertica Systems.

Sybase pulled the covers off the latest version of its Sybase IQ 15 analytic server, showcasing several new features designed to deliver faster and more accurate analysis.

The new edition of the column-based server builds is focused on what Sybase calls smarter analytics-essentially improving speed and manageability to help enterprises turn raw data into actionable information for their business. When it comes to speed, the company has made a number of enhancements, including subquery performance improvements and multicolumn indexes. Sybase has also enhanced query algorithms and added parallel query processing.

In addition, the new server allows for direct data loads from the client, as well as multinode loading across the shared-disk multiplex grid to add speed to the data loading process. Plus, IQ is now integrated with Sybase Workspace and PowerDesigner.

"We wanted to talk in terms of the business benefits that a smarter analytics environment would provide," said Phil Bowermaster, worldwide product manager of Sybase IQ. "As businesses are looking for solutions that are going to meet that need for analytic performance, they need something that is going to work for them from an economic standpoint as well as deliver on the analytics performance that they're looking for, and that's where we think that Sybase IQ 15 has a really terrific story to tell."

The company also made moves with an eye toward flexibility.

"You can have one or more writer nodes now within your environment that also perform the read capability, so that's a very flexible structure for customers, a very powerful architecture for them to scale out," said Andrew Neugebauer, senior product manager for Sybase IQ.

In the area of security, Sybase also included FIPS-certified encryption algorithms, Kerberos-based authentication and support for IPV6. In addition, the company sought to improve resource and utilities management with a new set of tools meant to aid deployment, automation and monitoring capabilities. Other enhancements include range partitioning and configurable tablespaces.

Sybase IQ 15 is currently scheduled to be available March 31.