ObjectRocket Launches MongoDB Database as a Service

ObjectRocket announced a new database as a service offering based on MongoDB.

ObjectRocket has announced the launch of its easy-to-use, scalable MongoDB database as a service (DBaaS).

The company built its MongoDB cloud service from the ground up. Indeed, unlike most MongoDB services built on top of shared infrastructure, ObjectRocket's platform is specifically architected to provide a fast, predictable MongoDB environment. ObjectRocket provides 24/7 customer support for the solution.

ObjectRocket officials said each instance is backed by solid-state disk for massive I/O, is inherently sharded and resides on multiple redundant pieces of infrastructure. Databases are replicated and optionally exist in multiple geo-diverse data centers. ObjectRocket also leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect to provide low latency and free bandwidth to AWS customers.

In addition to providing MongoDB hosting, ObjectRocket's added software features offer customers ways to get more value out of their MongoDB environment. ObjectRocket's unique software features include RocketScale for easy scaling at a moment's notice; QueryGuard for automatic detection of long-running queries; and RocketSecure, which adds the security of encrypted connections and IP-based access control.

"ObjectRocket was built by engineers for engineers," Chris Lalonde, CEO and co-founder of ObjectRocket, said in a statement. "We knew someone needed to start solving the hard problems of MongoDB as a service, so we built the platform that we would want to use. We've wrapped world-class support around this platform, creating an easy-to-use, consistently fast and scalable MongoDB environment."

The ObjectRocket founding team has more than 50 years of combined experience in scaling large data systems, including MongoDB. They have designed and managed systems that power some of the busiest sites on the Web, and played key founding development roles at companies like Shutterfly, PayPal, eBay and AOL. The founding team includes a MongoDB Master, one of 35 core contributors and community evangelists that play a key role in the adoption, education and advancement of MongoDB.

"ObjectRocket feels like cheating," Rylan Hazelton, chief architect at HitPost, said in a statement. "It has saved us time, staff resources and money while remaining entirely in the cloud."

ObjectRocket brings its MongoDB solution to the market and starts at $29 per month per instance. Instances are available now.

"It's great to see a new platform created for MongoDB users come to market, especially given the experience of the ObjectRocket team," said Ed Albanese, vice president of business development at 10gen, the company that developed MongoDB. "ObjectRocket's promise of ease of use, consistent speed and scalability will be attractive to a significant and fast-growing portion of the MongoDB user base."