Oracle Expands its China Operations

Oracle is making further inroads into China. The company announced Thursday openings branches in Beijing and Shanghai.

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Oracle Corp is making further inroads into China. The company announced today the opening of its second China Development Center in Beijing and the opening of its China Business Development Unit in Shanghai.

The goal is to work more closely with local partners in developing software on Oracles technology that will address needs faced by Chinese business owners—and through joint development, the centers will look to contribute to Chinas burgeoning software industry, officials said.

The Beijing CDC will focus on four key projects to start: a Linux development and support lab; creating a Chinese edition of Oracles E-Business Suite; creating a technology blueprint for local governments; and prototype development of wireless technology.

Oracle, of Redwood Shores, Calif., has been working with partner Red Flag Unix to develop a special edition Linux operating system—Red Flag Data Center OS4.0 for customers in China—and the two companies will set up a joint lab to provide customers with technical support for Oracle running on Red Flag Linux.

Oracles E-Business Suite China Special Edition will be geared toward the thousands of mid-market businesses in China, while its government initiatives are geared toward the creation of e-government and e-citizen applications and systems, officials said.

The wireless lab will focus on mobile technologies for projects the likes of 3G implementation, advanced location-based service, messaging and voice-enabling technology for telecommunications, and on vertical industry solutions for government, financial, logistic and healthcare sectors.

Separately, with expertise from Oracle Japan and Oracle China, the new unit in Shanghai will focus on supporting JOCs (Japanese-owned companies) as they extend their businesses into China.

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