Oracle Free Database Dev Tool Gets Upgrade

Oracle's free SQL Developer tool tries to fend off third-party database development and migration tool vendors.

Oracle released a new version of its free Oracle SQL Developer tool with an eye toward fending off third-party database development and migration tool vendors.

Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.5 includes a number of enhancements around developing and debugging SQL and PL/SQL code.

"We have worked closely with the database developer community to better understand its needs and gather requests for product enhancements," said Mike Hichwa, vice president of Software Development at Oracle, in a statement. "The latest release of Oracle SQL Developer delivers numerous feature enhancements across the board that improve the general usability of the software and overall productivity of its users."

Among those new features is tight integration with source code control systems such as Concurrent Versions Systems and Subversion to enable database developers to manage SQL and PL/SQL text files from within the tool. The capability allows developers to effectively navigate through their repositories of versioned objects and edit those files, Oracle officials said.

The latest version of the tool also includes support for Sybase ASE releases 12 to 15, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MySQL, offering users a single tool for moving other databases to Oracle. The company has also added support for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and Oracle 11g. Users can connect to their TimesTen In-Memory Database to browse, create, delete and edit objects there, as well as run SQL statements and scripts and perform other actions.

When it comes to 11g, the PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler provides users with a report to see where time is spent in PL/SQL code, according to Oracle. The PL Scope features provide an extended search capability. In addition, users with access to the licensed Oracle Diagnostics Pack can run Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History reports.