Oracle Plumbers Offer Alternative Database Pipes

EnterpriseDB wants to be the plumber who gives customers a competitive bid to use as they try to keep Oracle in line.

EnterpriseDB—the guys who want to be your Oracle plumbers—are coming out with a replication server that businesses can use in lieu of buying yet another Oracle database license, a server update with automated Oracle migration, and a service that gives real-time notification and delivery of patches and updates.

EnterpriseDBs main product is EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, an enterprise-class relational DBMS based on the open-source PostgreSQL database. The company plans to make the three announcements from LinuxWorld in San Francisco on Aug. 15.

All the announcements back up EnterpriseDBs desire to be the plumber who gives customers a competitive bid to use as they try to keep Oracle in line, said Andy Astor, CEO of EnterpriseDB, in Iselin, N.J.

"Some people say were like a second source of Oracle," he said. "When you hire a plumber, you dont hire the first one you find. You get a competing bid, then you leverage it with the primary plumber. It helps to keep everybody in line. Its an interesting thing we call competition."

The EnterpriseDB Replication Server will be available on Aug. 15. The server will replicate data in near real-time to or from Oracle, EnterpriseDB or PostgreSQL databases, across heterogeneous databases, remotely, and across operating platforms including Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X.

"Schema, stored procedures and triggers can be migrated with the click of a mouse from Oracle [databases]," Astor said. "Our software [already] makes applications intended to run on Oracle also run on EnterpriseDB. … But underlying data has to move as well [as the database itself]. So we automated it in R2."

EDB Replication Server will enable offloading of reporting and applications from Oracle environments for what a company release says is a "fraction" of the cost of an Oracle license. It features single-master, multi-slave replication, enabling deployment of multiple warm standby databases, locally or remotely.

The server features the EnterpriseDB Replication Console, which enables configuration, monitoring and maintenance of multiple servers from a single GUI. It also features the Database Pooling Connection Framework, which automates database and network resource usage. EDB Replication Server can be used either in "snapshot" replication mode or in scheduled incremental replication mode.

LinuxWorld also will see the release of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 Release 2. The update features automated migration of data and business logic from Oracle databases to Advanced Server, integrated Oracle database browsing, additional security features, and new developer and database administrator tools.

The server update features both graphical and command-line tools for automated migration of data and business logic from Oracle to EnterpriseDB databases. Also, users of the GUI-based EnterpriseDB Developer Studio can now browse the contents of Oracle databases alongside EDB and PostgreSQL databases.

Significant enhancements also include Dynatune, a component that automatically tunes a database based on user-supplied usage models; auditing capabilities to help with regulatory compliance; support for SSL and Kerberos cryptography; and XML support.

The server product suite also includes new tools, including an improved interactive debugger that brings real-time, in-context debugging—debugging that can reach a program regardless of where the call originated from. That means that even if the program is called from another site, a developer can get into break mode to step through the program.

For DBAs, a new SQL query profiler for analyzing and tuning database queries is designed to help out databases speed and efficiency.

Finally, EnterpriseDB is launching EnterpriseDB Network. The service will bring real-time notification and delivery of product updates and patches, access to EnterpriseDB online forums, and enhanced product documentation.

Network subscribers also gain access to EnterpriseDB Forums for collaboration with the EDB community. Free subscriptions are available here.

EnterpriseDB Replication Server is available only to subscribers of EnterpriseDB Network. Subscriptions are available free here.

EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.1 R2 can be freely downloaded here.


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