Oracle, Sun Team to Streamline Data Warehousing Deployment

The new Information Appliance Foundations serve as reference configurations designed to make implementing data warehouses easier.

Oracle and Sun Microsystems have teamed up to provide information appliance foundations to make it easier for joint Oracle and Sun customers to deploy data warehousing tools based on Oracle Database 10g and Sun servers, storage and the Solaris 10 Operating System.

The Oracle-Sun Information Appliance Foundations are reference configurations that provide a recommended database, server and storage mix for a customers specific requirements, said Oracle officials.

Using a data warehouse tool based on an Oracle-Sun Information Appliance Foundation can streamline data warehouse implementations, company officials said.

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"These foundations provide our customers a choice of fast, scalable and reliable solutions to run their data warehousing systems," said Willie Hardie, vice president of Database Product Marketing for Oracle, based in Redwood Shores, Calif. "Theyre designed to help take the risk out of building a data warehouse that can meet short-term requirements and provide a path for future growth."

As part of Oracles Information Appliance Initiative, a partnership between Oracle and hardware vendors aimed at simplifying data warehouse deployment, the reference configurations have combined CPU resources, memory, I/O bandwidth and disks with an eye to preventing performance or capacity bottlenecks.

These configurations have the capability to handle data warehouses ranging from 300 gigabytes to 10 terabytes, Oracle officials said.

The Oracle-Sun Information Appliance Foundations offer multiple solutions for each set of requirements, allowing customers to choose among single server systems, clustered server systems configurations and SPARC or x64 architectures running Solaris or other supported operating systems. In addition to the servers, the Foundations also cover Suns StorageTek disk arrays.

"Sun and Oracles joint effort improves architecture design and selection processes for IT departments, making it easy to implement well-designed, right-sized data warehouse solutions built upon Suns robust infrastructure offerings, including the Solaris 10 operating system," said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of market development at Sun. "Customers are sure to benefit from this timely and economic approach, making these joint reference configurations the smart way to pick the optimal solution for their business."

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