Pervasives Database Technology to Support Summer 05

Pervasive's data integration support will enable customers to link up with practically any other application out there as they hook their sales force into's Web services model. Inc.s Summer 05 release of its on-demand CRM—which it plans to launch on Tuesday in San Francisco—will be more tightly integrated than ever with Pervasive Software Inc.s data integration technology on its back end, Pervasive announced on Monday.

Pervasives announced support adds to the customer relationship management package with over 200 application and data infrastructure resources that help to serve up a single view of leads, customers, accounts, contacts, opportunities and more.

Pervasive on the back end also serves up data to sales, service, customer support, channel partners and marketing staff, enabling real-time analysis and decision-making.

The Pervasive integration platform is also intended to increase operational efficiency by eliminating rekeying, cutting and pasting, phone and fax errors, and system swapping. Thats relevant to the organizations that migrate their thousands or hundreds of thousands of CRM records to from across multiple systems.

Pervasives more than 200 connectors allow access to almost any data format, with a migration engine, drag-and-drop visual mapping studio, transformation and data profiling capabilities—all of which are designed to reduce time and errors associated with complex data migration.

Joint and Pervasive customers include SunTrust Banks Inc., Korean Air and Payment Processing Inc.

According to a statement issued by Pervasive, SunTrust went with Pervasive data integration to help standardize its data and transfer it to for easier accessibility by more than 2,000 sales representatives, sales management and support staff.

"We could not have accomplished this project without Pervasive," Jim Wilson, group vice president and delivery system manager at SunTrust Banks, said in the statement. "Transferring over a million records could have posed a real technology problem for us, but Pervasive and have enabled us to resolve our data issues without worrying about the technology. Pervasive and are terrific companion products."


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