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SAP, SAS Battle in the Cloud Is On

SAS, the largest privately owned business intelligence software provider in the world, launched its own in-memory, graphical user interface database for on-premises or cloud deployment in March 2012—15 months after SAP launched HANA. Version 9.4 of SAS Business Analytics will ship in June with new support for public and private cloud deployment and extended Hadoop integration.

So things are beginning to heat up in the in-memory database business.

Here's a factoid refresher on the HANA analytics service to which enterprises now can subscribe:

--SAP HANA One enables instant provisioning of the Web services platform on the elastic AWS Cloud and now in the SAP cloud. It can be provisioned on either cloud on advanced hardware with memory capacity up to 60GB of RAM per instance.

--HANA analytics in a cloud service enables companies to deploy business- or consumer-facing applications already built on the HANA database to use the in-memory transactional and analytical data processing that comes with the service.

No SAP Marketplace Scheduled Yet

--Developers can use the AWS Marketplace to identify, buy and begin using software that runs on the AWS Cloud in order to provision and instantly access SAP HANA. SAP doesn't have an application market of its own at this time.

--SAP, in a fierce battle with Oracle for superiority in the emerging in-memory analytics sector, also has a HANA deployment with the ability to process 1PB of raw uncompressed data, Plattner said.

The company has embedded application-server capabilities in SAP HANA for developers and launched something called the SAP HANA Academy to enable self-learning. These updates mark a major step for SAP to enable real-time business operations and attract more businesses, independent software vendors (ISVs) and startups to build solutions on SAP HANA.

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