Sentrigo Upgrades Database Security Product

The security start-up adds operating system support, as well as threat response capabilities.

Database security vendor Sentrigo released the first major upgrade to its Hedgehog software Oct. 29, expanding operating system support and adding new quarantine capabilities to thwart unauthorized changes to the database.

The upgraded version, which will once again be available in standard and enterprise editions, now features support for all Oracle databases version 8.1.7 and above on the Microsoft Windows, HP-UX and IBM AIX 5.2 and 5.3 operating systems, as well as Sun Solaris and most Linux distributions, Sentrigo officials said.


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A software-based tool, Hedgehog seeks to offer protection from the so-called insider threat posed by privileged users such as database administrators as well as from external intrusions by monitoring all local access and the actions performed by stored procedures, views and triggers.

In its latest incarnation, Hedgehog has the ability for administrators to create scripts triggered by rules in order to provide greater flexibility in the way Hedgehog responds to threats, company officials said, adding that users can now be automatically quarantined users if the tool detects attempts to infiltrate the database.

The company, now roughly a year old, has focused its efforts thus far on securing Oracle databases. However, the company is looking to expand.

"Weve said from the start that we intend to support multiple platforms and heterogeneous environments," said Slavik Markovich, chief technology officer at Sentrigo, which is based in Woburn, Mass. "We now cover Oracle on the vast majority of relevant releases and platforms. Our R&D team is already developing support for MS SQL server, intended for release in about 3 months. After that we will move on to Sybase and DB2."