Sierra Opens Oracle to Integration

Sierra Atlantic make Oracle's E-Business applications available to integrate with third-party apps.

Oracle Corp. enterprise software users now have an option for business process integration using an Oracle partners software.

Sierra Atlantic Inc., of Fremont, Calif., announced today that its Application Network products are now available on the Oracle 9i Application Server platform. The goal is to provide out-of-the-box business process integration of Oracle E-Business Suite software to other enterprise applications – a departure for Oracle, which has long maintained the come to us for everything mantra.

Combining Sierra Atlantics Application Networks with the Java 2 Enterprise Edition-based 9iAS platform enables customers to integrate their enterprise software using standards-based, out-of-the-box functionality, officials said. For example, Sierras SCMnet (Supply Chain Management Network) and CRMnet (Customer Relationship Management Network), available now on 9iAS, provide E-Business Suite customers with visibility into and control over customer and account information, order accuracy, and customer service as well as enable manufacturing collaboration, according to Sierra officials.

SCMnet 4.0 integrates product lifecycle management processes among Version 8 of Agile Software Corp.s namesake business-to-business product management software, Version 11 of the Oracle E-Business Suite, and SAP AGs R/3 ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite. CRMnet 3.0 integrates sales and service business processes among the E-Business Suite, Version 7.0 of Siebel Systems Inc.s eBusiness Applications, and SAP R/3.

Each Application Network includes real-time collaboration of ERP systems, MESes (manufacturing execution systems), SCM, and PCM (product chain management) systems, officials said.

The Networks come equipped with pre-built business processes derived from industry best practices, as well as support for XML, Open Applications Group and RosettaNet e-business standards. Web services support and a business rules configurator with a GUI are also included.

Sierra has partnered with other software companies, notably integration software developer webMethods Inc. Sierra has had a long-standing relationship with Oracle, of Redwood Shores, Calif., including integration development experience for the E-Business Suite, and 20-plus joint customers.