Skyline Sets Sights on Homeland Security

Skyline adds Oracle 9i support to its TerraExplorer Pro tool, with eye to developing Homeland Security apps.

3D spatial visualization product maker Skyline Software Systems Inc. Tuesday rolled out support for Oracle Corp.s 9i database in TerraExplorer Pro 4.1, a network-enabled tool for creating, viewing, editing and publishing photo-realistic, interactive, 3D environments.

Skyline, of Woburn, Mass., sells the tool to federal and local government bodies, including military agencies, to use in mission planning, briefings, analysis and simulations. TerraExplorer Pro can import spatial data directly from files and databases such as Oracle 9i. A programming interface allows third-party developers and integrators to use TerraExplorer Pro as an integrated component of dedicated applications.

In releasing the Oracle interface, Skyline, a member of the Oracle Partner Network, is attempting to leverage its experience with military, federal and public sector organizations for homeland security applications. "Skyline Software has a very powerful set of 3D geo-spatial solutions that are especially useful in visualizing potential threats and developing appropriate response plans," said Steve Cooperman, director of homeland security solutions for Oracle, in Redwood City, Calif. "We are very excited to work with Skyline Software as they provide tools and applications that build on the power of Oracle Spatial to support mission-critical homeland security initiatives." Oracle Spatial is an option for Oracle 9i Enterprise Edition that provides advanced spatial features to support high-end geographic information systems and location-based services tools.

Skyline Executive Vice President Ronnie Yaron declined to disclose pricing details.