SOASTA, Help Users Access, Analyze, Optimize Data

SOASTA and, a new data company, offer solutions that enable users to access, work with, analyze or optimize big data.

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SOASTA, a provider of performance analytics solutions, has entered into the realm of companies trying to address the data scientist shortage and enable organizations to more easily work with and analyze data., meanwhile, launched on July 11 to help users more easily access and work with open data to solve problems.

SOASTA recently delivered a new version of its Data Science Workbench, which provides performance analytics for digital businesses and enables users to glean insights from their data based on those analytics.

"No competitor has data science capabilities that focus entirely on digital performance and its relationship to conversion, revenue and business outcome," said SOASTA Executive Chairman and founder Ken Gardner, in a statement.

The new release of the SOASTA Digital Science Workbench (DSWB) adds third-party resource analytics, conversion impact and activity impact scores, session path analysis and predictive analytics to enable users to gain insights from their data.

In a nutshell: SOASTA's Data Science Workbench makes pulling insights from data easier without having to hire a data scientist.

"SOASTA is bridging the data science gap by making data science accessible and turnkey," Gardner told eWEEK.

By providing a real-time analytic platform in DSWB with prebuilt analytics notebooks, companies can analyze immense amounts of data and have the ability to visualize, in an intuitive and precise manner, exactly what they need to do to increase digital performance whether it be e-commerce, advertising or financial services, he noted.

"We do the heavy lifting for them so that they don't have to," Gardner said.

With its new support for the conversion impact score and activity impact score, DSWB provides a way to prioritize page group optimization by user sensitivity to performance, relative to conversion and session length, SOASTA said. These visualizations, typically handled by a data scientist, help organizations identify the highest-priority pages for remediation and fix the pages most important to their business first, the company said.

Gardner claims that DSWB is the only data science technology available in today's market with a complete focus on the performance of application, Web and mobile digital properties.

"Marketing and e-commerce teams that look to customer data and analytics to drive better marketing, customer experiences and sale completion rates know that along with content, offers and design, app performance also drives customer success," said Milan Hanson and James McCormick of Forrester Research in a February 2016 report.

Moreover, with the new version, SOASTA's DSWB now offers analytics and visualization capabilities for third-party resources. This enables users to pull insight from third-party resources that were previously out of their control and may have negatively impacted site and application performance. SOASTA provides analytics about each resource loaded on a page, as well as the domain that served it, the type and size of the resource, and performance information for that resource, the company said.