Software AG Brings Real-Time Data Replication to Adabas

Software AG is rolling out technology designed to make real-time data changes in Adabas, the company's high-performance database that's designed for large, mission-critical applications.

Software AG on Thursday will roll out technology designed to make real-time data changes in Adabas, the companys high-performance database that is designed for large, mission-critical applications.

Adabas is designed to support thousands of users in parallel with sub-second response times. The company has come out with Event Replicator, a product that will let users push Adabas changes out to databases including Adabas, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase, as well as to XML-based applications, in real time.

The goals of the technology are to enhance system resource use, to save on cost, to improve risk management, to get better customer service, and to help users make business decisions with fresher information.

Event Replicator automatically replicates updates, additions or deletions to specific Adabas data sets. It then selectively feeds only the changed data fields downstream to targeted systems or devices in the appropriate format, without the need to tweak a given application.

Software AG Inc. put out a release that described how Event Replicator helps to meet real-time customer service needs at, for example, a major airline, where flight crew schedules are continually synchronized with equipment availability in case of flight delays or cancellations.

/zimages/6/28571.gifSoftware AG uses the Semantic Web to deliver a more thorough data view. Click here to read more.

Likewise, Adabas user organization Boston University is employing the technology to ensure that students can access up-to-date audit reports, flagging only those students who have relevant data changes on their records.

According to Software AG, the product achieves real-time data replication without a performance drag on the Adabas production system.

Replicated Adabas copies can be remotely administered with existing Adabas tools. Also, the entire replication flow can be recovered at any time, according to Software AG.

Event Replicator is available now for the IBM mainframe. Other versions will roll out in early 2006.

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