Splunk Adds new MINT, Hunk, IoT Support to Platform

Splunk, which provides an analytics platform for machine data, today announced updates to several products including Splunk MINT, Splunk Light and Hunk.

Splunk analytics platform

Splunk, which provides an analytics platform for machine data, today announced updates to several products including Splunk MINT, Splunk Light and Hunk.

Hunk 6.3 is an integrated analytics platform used to explore, analyze and visualize big data in Hadoop and Amazon S3. Splunk Light is a lighter weight version of the Splunk platform made for smaller IT shops, and MINT is an operational intelligence application that runs on top of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud. The company announced these updates at .conf2015, this year’s version of Splunk’s annual user event.

"At .conf2015, we are showcasing innovations across our entire portfolio of software and cloud solutions, and Hunk, Splunk Light and Splunk MINT are important pillars of our customers’ overall data strategy," said Shay Mowlem, vice president product management and product marketing at Splunk, in a statement. "Splunk MINT and Hunk help organizations gain value from two of the fastest-growing sources of data, mobile data and historical data in Hadoop. Small IT teams can also now utilize Splunk Light as a cloud service."

Mowlem said Splunk Light is now available as a cloud service, starting at $90 per month, and delivers the power of Splunk to small IT environments. This log search and analysis solution enables small IT shops to wrangle machine access without having to bother with the time and expense of server purchasing, setup and maintenance. With the lower price point, it is targeted at smaller IT environments, particularly those that also seek access to global support and a passionate community of users.

Moreover, the technology enables organizations to easily upgrade to the full Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. In addition, users get real-time log search and analysis for troubleshooting by collecting, indexing, monitoring, searching, alerting and analyzing any log data in real time from one place.

The upgraded Hunk 6.3 integrated analytics platform helps to drive down total cost of ownership for Splunk users who can archive historical data from Splunk Enterprise to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Amazon S3 on commodity hardware for low-cost long-term storage and use Hunk to perform analytics on the historical data transferred to Hadoop. This will enable Splunk users to apply the advanced analytics and visualization capabilities they know in Splunk Enterprise on the data stored in Hadoop without needing to learn a new solution. They also can analyze data transferred from Splunk Enterprise to Hadoop using third-party Hadoop tools such as Hive and Pig without needing to transform or replicate data.

Meanwhile, Splunk MINT provides operational data for developers, operations and product management to help improve the mobile app user experience. Updates to MINT include additional developer insight with Stacktrace graphs and screen tracking that offers real-time insight into how users are engaging an app and how many users are affected by performance problems. There also are new detailed user analytics including events, screen tracking and user flows that provide feedback to Splunk MINT users. And Splunk added mobile app support for hybrid mobile applications that integrate HTML5 web browsers with native mobile OS capabilities.