Sybase Advantage Database Server Update Focuses on Developers, Performance

Sybase updated its Advantage Database Server with a host of new features designed to improve performance and appeal to developers.

Sybase has released an updated version of its Advantage Database Server software with a focus on performance and developer productivity.

Inside Sybase Advantage Database Server 10 (ADS), the company has packed in a number of enhancements in algorithms and intelligence used to interact with data. Those changes have lead to improvements in things such as express queue support - ADS now supports dynamic queuing of client requests based on the historical cost of a connection's requests - and the Advantage Transaction System, which has better performance due to changes to lock lists and visibility lists.

"We have packed numerous performance enhancements into version 10 that will result in noticeable performance increases," a Sybase spokesperson told eWEEK. "We've added enhancements to many features and operations that applications frequently use to interact with the database."

Outside of the area of performance, Sybase has also targeted developers with enhancements d esigned to help Delphi and Visual FoxPro developers leverage the latest Delphi 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 tools and deploy 64-bit platforms. Sybase has also included support for Unicode to help organizations localize applications for international markets.

"Sybase Advantage Database Server 10 continues its tradition of providing Delphi and Visual Foxpro developers with a scalable, supported replacement for legacy data stores," said J.D. Mullin, Advantage Database Server research and development manager at Sybase, in a statement. "This latest release builds on Advantage's reputation as a reliable database platform for developers that continue to build applications with legacy development languages, and for those seeking a steady migration path to modern technologies."

Sybase Advantage 10 is now available, with prices ranging from $645 for a five-user license to $7,870 for an unlimited user license for U.S. versions.