Sybase Boosts Sun Cluster Support

Sybase's ASE adds supports for the active-passive agent in Sun's Cluster 3 software.

Sybase Inc. on Thursday announced that its ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) database now supports the active-passive agent in Sun Microsystems Inc.s Cluster 3 software. Active-passive is a lower-cost member of High-Availability product options in Suns SunPlex clustering platform.

Active-active, its high-end, highest-cost agent, allows multiple Sybase ASE deployments to work together to provide hot-standby capability. Active-active requires customers to purchase two copies of ASE to run on the two nodes of the SunPlex cluster, as well as the licenses for two full copies of Sybases High-Availability option.

The lower-priced, active-passive agent monitors the health of Sybase ASE in the SunPlex environment. The agent detects failure of a Sybase ASE server and restarts the server or fails over to a backup node. This option requires customers to license only one full ASE and one full High-Availability option on the one, active node. On the other, passive node, customers purchase a discounted Warm-Standby option, with the entire active-passive option working out to a little over half the cost of the active-active option.

According to officials at Sybase, in Dublin, Calif., customers primary need for the active-active solution is to maximize the horsepower on all hardware available. Its downside, besides cost, is complexity, because it entails two systems acting as watch-keepers for each other. If all a customer needs is a system ready to take over in case of primary system failure, as opposed to maximum horsepower, the active-passive option is a cost-effective solution, officials said.

Sybase ASE for Sun Cluster 3 is available now. Pricing depends on configuration and is driven by number of users and CPUs.

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