Sybase Bundles Together Database Software, Extends Support to New Platforms

Sybase has bundled together software and services in a new offering called the Sybase IQ Real-Time Loading Solution. The offering consists of PowerDesigner, Sybase ASE and Replication Server, as well as a 10-day engagement with Sybase Professional Services. The company has also extended support for ASE Cluster Edition to HP-UX and AIX platforms.

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Sybase has bundled together a set of services and software to help enterprises perform continuous loading of data into Sybase IQ in real time.

Sybase is calling the new offering the Sybase IQ Real-Time Loading Solution. It consists of PowerDesigner, Sybase ASE, Replication Server and a 10-day engagement with Sybase Professional Services, all available for one price.

According to Sybase's Pete Benesh, the idea is for Sybase Professional Services to help enterprises use PowerDesigner, Replication Server and Sybase ASE to develop a continuous, automated process where all transaction changes in ASE source databases are immediately captured and loaded into Sybase IQ report servers.

"Now Sybase IQ users do not need to wait for batch ETL jobs to run in order to capture the most recent business changes from their transactional ASE systems," said Benesh, senior product manager of data replication and integration at Sybase. "With the Sybase IQ Real-Time Loading Solution, the data used for generating operational reports from Sybase IQ is always fresh and enables enterprises to make real-time decision-making a reality."

Pricing for starting configurations starts at roughly $50,000. The new product strategy is just one of two announcements Sybase made today related to its database business. The company also announced it is extending support for ASE Cluster Edition to HP-UX and AIX platforms.

"We have a significant number of customers ... requesting ASE Cluster Edition support for these platforms," Benesh said. "This announcement demonstrates that the platforms and products supporting ASE Cluster Edition continue to expand significantly as more customers recognize the potential of Cluster Edition to improve service levels and lower their IT costs."