Sybase IQ Updated to Bolster Analytics

Sybase IQ 15.1 hit the streets July 15 with new features designed to improve in-database analytics.

Sybase has updated its column-based IQ software with new functionality to improve in-database analytics.

The company announced the availability of Sybase IQ 15.1 July 15, bolstering it with additional numerical and analytical functions and ANSI SQL OLAP extensions. Also added to the mix courtesy of Sybase partner Fuzzy Logix were new libraries of pluggable analytical algorithms. Fuzzy Logix is the first vendor to join Sybase's new partner certification program, which is meant to help predictive analytics software vendors port their libraries to the Sybase IQ User Defined Function API.

The main new functions added to the library of numerical and analytical functions already built into Sybase IQ are around dates-such as Datefloor, Dateround and Dateceiling-and are meant to ensure appropriate date representations within the applications, Joydeep Das, senior product manager at Sybase, told eWEEK.

Sybase also added ANSI SQL OLAP extensions to IQ 15.1, including correlation and covariance between two or more data points, regression analysis of data sets, and first and last value in a data series.

"Sybase IQ also sports an impressive array of OLAP functions already built-in, such as ranking, standard deviation, percentile, etc., which are performed in-database for the fastest possible results," Das said.

The long-term road map for the product is focused on providing a platform for high-performance, scalable reporting and analytics, Das continued.

"Our near-term goal is to enable both load time transformation and analytical computations to be done inside Sybase IQ, thereby enabling analytical applications to be developed and deployed in the most effective manner," Das said.