Sybase Says No Charge for Development Tool

Sybase has made a database development tool available for free to entice customers to its Workspace product line.

Hoping to build adoption of its database development product line, Sybase has made a development tool available at no cost to its Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and SQL Anywhere customers.

The Sybase WorkSpace Database Development tool is designed specifically for the Dublin, Calif.-based company's ASE and SQL Anywhere platforms and is aimed at helping users craft quality code. The promotion is meant to generate interest in the Workspace database development module and lasts through 2008, said Loren Corbridge, senior product manager at Sybase. At the end of the year, customers will have to purchase licenses for the tool to continue using it, Corbridge said.

Built on the open-source Eclipse framework, the tool enables visual SQL building, query analysis, and debugging of stored procedures, Sybase officials said. Customers can create, edit, navigate and manipulate database objects as well as import and export database objects and services to database servers.

"WorkSpace is specifically designed for the Sybase platform, giving customers tight integration and capabilities that are specifically designed for the Sybase server feature set," Corbridge said.

Sybase trails far behind Oracle, IBM and Microsoft in market share in the enterprise database market, but has built a strong presence in the mobile software space. The company recently recorded a strong fourth quarter, posting a 178 percent increase in income and completing what CEO John Chen called in a statement the best year in Sybase's 23-year history.

"These results demonstrate that our leadership in the Unwired Enterprise market is driving momentum for Sybase and expanding the size of our addressable market," he said.