Sybase Updates Replication Server with Eye Toward Performance

In the latest release of Replication Server, Sybase focuses on improving performance to help organizations deal with growing amounts of data. The company also sought to make improvements around manageability.

Sybase has launched an updated version of Replication Server with a focus on enhancing performance and manageability.

According to Sybase, those two areas were the driving force behind Replication Server 15.2. In addition, the company has added heterogeneous database replication capabilities into the mix, all with the goal of helping organizations better deal with exploding amounts of information.

"What we're seeing is data volume has been growing extremely fast-it is doubling every two years for a lot of mission-critical applications for health care, financial services as well as for telecom," said Bill Zhang, product manager for Replication Server at Sybase.

As a result, customers need better performance, he said. To get there, Sybase has included a number of new features in the release, such as SQL statement replication. Meant to complement log-based replication, it allows businesses to replicate SQL statements rather than making individual row changes.

Sybase officials also touted the "DSI Bulk Option," which can be leveraged to improve the performance of subscription materialization, as well as a delayed commit feature aimed at improving replication performance.

From a manageability standpoint, users can now automate the installation and configuration process by providing a preconfigured Replication Server environment. This will enable replication involving actively supported non-Adaptive Server Enterprise data servers to be up and running quickly, according to Sybase.

"Data movement and the creation of additional data stores for analytics continue to grow in importance and move down-market," said Merv Adrian, founder and principal analyst of IT Market Strategy, in a statement. "Sybase Replication Server, with over 2,500 customers, has long been one of the industry's most mature and robust products in its space."

Sybase Replication Server is currently available for HP-UX Itanium, HP-UX PA-RISC, IBM-AIX, Linux on Power, Linux x86, Windows, Sun Solaris SPARC, and Sun Solaris x64.