Tools Target Pocket PC Development

Pocket R:BASE combines R:BASE's relational DBMSes with Syware's Visual CE database development tools.

R:BASE Technologies Inc. and Syware Inc. this week launched Pocket R:BASE, the first mobile version of R:BASEs database product line.

Pocket R:BASE is designed for the Pocket PC platform and combines R:BASEs relational DBMSes with Sywares Visual CE, a database development tool for Pocket PC and Windows CE handhelds.

R:BASE officials in Murrysville, Pa., said that the goal is to get a robust database into the hands of field agents, who would be able to beam forms from handheld to handheld, as well as to a desktop computer version of the database. Pocket R:BASEs drag-and-drop interface allows users to create forms and to interface with R:BASE databases without coding. Forms can be designed either on a Pocket PC handheld or on a desktop computer. Other features include pop-up word lists and the ability to create pre-defined data filters. The software also includes the ability to create macros.

Pocket R:BASE will be unveiled at the R:BASE Developers conference in Pittsburgh, which runs April 4-7, and will likely ship on April 4, R:BASE officials said. Pricing starts at $399. Syware is located in Cambridge, Mass.

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