VoltDB Upgrades Power, Security of Its In-Memory Database

VoltDB powers business apps that manage vast amounts of data generated from industrial sensors, global credit card terminals, cell phones or even slot machines.

VoltDB, which makes an in-memory SQL database, on Feb. 1 launched a new version of its flagship product, VoltDB v7.0.

VoltDB, which among other competitors claims to be the world's fastest in-memory SQL database, said its v7.0 product can be deployed in both on-premise and in-cloud deployments.

In-memory databases, while substantially more expensive than standard server-based databases, nonetheless have been gaining market traction for several years as workloads get larger with big data-type projects and as demands for faster performance become commonplace.

Can Deploy on Site or in a Cloud

This option provides enterprises, mid-sized businesses and developers working with independent software vendors a wide range of choices for their use cases, the company said. VoltDB v7.0 will be available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Store, the company said.

Industries such as telecommunications, mobile gaming, advertising, casinos and financial services—company that needs to ingest, analyze and act on data in real time—rely on in-memory databases to get their workloads processed on tight schedules.

Bedford, Mass.-based VoltDB competes in a sector that includes SAP HANA, Gemfire, Microsoft SQL, Informix, Oracle TimesTen, SafePeak, Kognitio and a few others.

VoltDB powers business applications charged with managing vast amounts of data generated from widely-dispersed sources, including industrial sensors, global credit card terminals, cell phones or even slot machines, the company said.

Key Features

VoltDB v7.0 includes increased scalability for managing transactions and generating analytics while ensuring high availability and strict data consistency, the company said.

In addition to some new cloud licensing additions, the database's key new features and benefits include:

--More power, data security for geographically-dispersed datacenters: v7.0 includes powerful multi-site/cluster, multi-version cross-datacenter replication (XDCR), lowering application latency and improving availability and disaster recovery for geographically-distributed workloads across multiple datacenters; and

--Enhanced real-time analytics and streaming data support: This newest version further supports continuous queries over high-velocity event streams, including the AWS Kinesis stream ingestion and export, empowering even more-powerful real-time analytics, and includes a Confluent-certified Kafka Connect utility.

The latest version of VoltDB is currently available for immediate download here. For more information or to request a quote, email the company here.

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