WANdisco, Talend Power Enterprise Big Data Solutions

WANdisco and Talend announced new enterprise big data wins with Nokia Networks and Ellie Mae.

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Nokia and the Ellie Mae mortgage software company have tapped big data solutions from WANdisco and Talend to help deliver continuous availability, performance and scalability to their customers.

WANdisco, a provider of continuous availability software for enterprises, recently announced that Nokia subsidiary Nokia Networks has expanded its use of WANdisco’s big data technology.

Nokia Networks expanded its use of WANdisco Fusion to deliver continuous availability with performance and scalability for its Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution built on Hadoop to manage and streamline telecommunications.

Nokia Networks began using WANdisco’s big data technology in 2013 for consolidating subscriber data previously stored in a number of different databases, each supporting their own applications and data models with little consistency between them. Before Nokia Networks moved to Hadoop, even basic operations like activating a new mobile customer’s account involved a number of steps across several different applications with little or no sharing of data across these applications, WANdisco officials said. If any of these steps failed, it often meant the entire activation process had to be restarted. Now with Nokia Networks SDM built on Hadoop, mobile carriers who use the solution only interact with one real-time application to perform new customer activation.

“Implementing SDM on Hadoop was a big step forward in improving the user experience for our mobile carrier customers, as well as their end customers,” said Peter Kerekes, Nokia Business product line manager of customer experience management, in a statement. “However, we faced other significant challenges around the extreme levels of availability, performance and guaranteed real-time data consistency across locations that our customers required. No other solution we evaluated came close to WANdisco Fusion in meeting our requirements, as well as giving us the flexibility to move to different Hadoop platforms.”

Once SDM was implemented with Hadoop, Nokia Network’s other critical requirement was real-time sharing of data across multiple locations with continuous availability, to meet the service-level agreements (SLAs) of its large mobile carrier customers. Each site had to be active and always have the latest data. After looking at a number of options Nokia said it found that WANdisco Fusion, with its patented active-active replication technology for Hadoop was the only possible solution.

Nokia Networks also used WANdisco Fusion’s flexible, easy-to-deploy architecture that can be implemented across mixed storage environments, including Oracle BDA, Cloudera, Hortonworks, EMC and MapR.

“Global organizations like Nokia Networks and the major mobile carriers they serve have the most demanding availability, scalability and performance requirements,” said David Richards, CEO and co-founder of WANdisco, in a statement. “They also want flexible, future-proof solutions that avoid vendor lock-in, given the dynamic nature of Hadoop. As Nokia continues to deploy our solution to a growing number of customers, the telecommunications industry is further poised to take initiatives to understand big data.”

Meanwhile, Talend, a provider of big data integration software, announced that Ellie Mae, which provides on-demand software solutions and services for the residential mortgage industry, is using Talend Master Data Management (MDM) to drive sales and marketing decision making based on easy access to unified data.

With Talend data integration and data quality solutions, Ellie Mae is bringing data together into a data warehouse and using MDM, enterprise service bus (ESB), and business process management products to create a single source that easily integrates into the applications Ellie Mae uses for lifecycle and segmentation marketing.

Brad Stratton, senior vice president of sales at Talend, said Ellie Mae is using Talend’s software to “consolidate, cleanse and clarify data across its systems and, ultimately, drive informed decisions from sales and marketing up to the executive suite. Ellie Mae is a great example of an industry leader that understands the value of using data to drive strategic goals. We look forward to helping them further develop their focus on quality data integration and data management in the future.”

Using the Talend MDM unified platform’s ability to bundle core capabilities into a single product enables Ellie Mae to tie together records for the same customer from multiple mortgage companies with a unique MDM identification number. The unified and trusted customer view can then be shared across sales teams in Salesforce.com and used to fuel Eloqua, the marketing automation engine employed by Ellie Mae.

Talend’s connectors and code generation support has already saved time and effort for Ellie Mae’s development teams. Talend’s support to cleanse and de-duplicate data records has helped Ellie Mae reduce its customer list from 100,000 names to a more concise and better quality list of 60,000 prospects. As a result, the email delivery rate shifted from a failure rate of 70 percent to a successful delivery rate of 80 percent. Direct mail campaigns similarly improved with significantly fewer returns. In addition, quality-proofed data delivers trusted insights to the business intelligence users, while sales, product and financial analytics enable precision marketing and identification of cross sales opportunities.