Why Big Data Analytics in the Cloud's Time Has Come

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How IoT, Cloud Create Actionable Insights for Microsoft Customers

Microsoft's mission is to empower everyone to achieve more, and two of the most transformative trends affecting business today are the Internet of things (IoT) and big data. Today's enterprises rely on a constellation of mobile devices, software as a service and billions of connected "things" outputting astonishing quantities of data. By connecting devices and assets they already own, enterprises not only capture rich data, but also harvest the raw material that cloud-powered machine learning, perceptual intelligence and analytics distill into valuable insights to transform their business. Microsoft offers the infrastructure for uncovering those valuable insights and making them actionable. Aiming to help companies make better decisions faster, Microsoft put years of research into its Cortana Analytics and Azure IoT suites. With Microsoft's Build conference coming up next week in San Francisco,...
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