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Whats the features roadmap looking like? Youve got stored procedures, and youve said that you foresee triggers appearing in MySQL 5.1. Is that still on track? What else?

We are still on track on the roadmap, except that some features may be available earlier than we previously had anticipated. In the upcoming 4.1 release, we have subqueries, prepared statements, cluster and a myriad of smaller features that make users lives easier.

The big three features coming up after that are stored procedures, triggers and views. Stored procedures are in alpha now with MySQL 5.0. Views are in a prerelease form; weve shipped them to some customers on request. Triggers are a little further out, but I think all of them will be available by end of year.

What is sure is that 5.0 will have stored procedures—its already available for download from our public source repository. Views, cursors and triggers are scheduled for Version 5.1, which should be released as source/alpha during Q4.

MySQLs product release schedule historically has been pretty long. Youve said youre looking to cut release schedules to six months. Whats motivating that?

We have always believed in pushing out new technology fast. In fact, all our development code is available for download from our public source trees as soon as its written. We strive to release binary development releases once a month.

Because not everyone is comfortable using our alpha/beta releases, which are actually used in production by many companies, we are cutting release cycles for production releases to six months to ensure that all users can feel confident using MySQL in production in environments.

Its a balancing act. There are some features customers are eager to get, like subqueries in MySQL 4.1. Thats very important. And of course, stored procedures. But we want to make sure that MySQL stays rock-solid. We have customers like NASA who have had the database running without interruption for more than two years! We want to make sure we maintain very high quality.

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