AccuRev's Kando Gets Git Integrated With Commercial SCM Systems

AccuRev announces Kando, a new platform that integrates the open source Git software configuration management (SCM) system with commercial SCM platforms.

AccuRev, a maker of tools for managing the software development process, has released a platform that integrates the open-source Git revision control system with commercial enterprise configuration management systems.

AccuRev's new Kando, an enterprise security and compliance platform for Git, complements the open-source software configuration management (SCM) tool with its own functionality, enabling organizations using Git to simultaneously leverage the enterprise-level security and traceability within AccuRev SCM, AccuRev officials said. Kando bridges the world of open-source and commercial tools for enterprise-class software configuration management, the company said.

Moreover, AccuRev officials said Kando is the first software development solution that enables Git development shops to take advantage of the most powerful features of AccuRev SCM, adding workflow, issue tracking, security, change requirements and other capabilities to the software development process, all while maintaining the flexibility and familiarity of Git environments.

"Our vision is to advance Git's exceptional version control performance and capabilities in large development teams. We do that by providing transparent integration of Git with AccuRev's proven security and process compliance capabilities," said Lorne Cooper, CEO of AccuRev, in a statement. "With Kando, we see the opportunity to unleash Git in enterprise software development organizations that need to optimize their development process."

With Kando, enterprises can more effectively: comply with enterprise-level regulations, by providing full audit and traceability; secure Git repositories with access control capabilities, and support for enterprise authentication via LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory; visualize and manage development processes that use Git in AccuRev's StreamBrowser environment; and support Software Change and Configuration Management (SCCM) through change-based development with AccuRev Change Packages.

"We've seen a recent push toward open-source tools in the software development space, primarily because of the low cost of acquisition and developer preferences," said David Norton, an analyst with the Gartner market research firm. "While these tools provide capable functionality for smaller and medium-sized teams, they are often unable to meet the needs of larger enterprises and complex software development environments without further customization and scripting. An alternative solution to this problem that we have seen in the last year is combining these open-source tools with commercial solutions to meet specific organizations' software development and ALM requirements."

"Kando allows your developers to enjoy the flexibility of Git's lightweight distributed version control system, while still providing a leading-edge and robust enterprise ALM solution," Bob Aiello, principal consultant at CM Best Practices Consulting and an author of books on software development, said in a statement. "AccuRev's new product offers the best of both worlds, nimbly meeting the challenges of Agile process maturity and scalability with an impressive blend of power, speed and agility."

Meanwhile, AccuRev said an important part of the Kando product development process was the company's establishment of a Kando Technical Advisory Board, comprised of representatives from several enterprise organizations with Git environments.

AccuRev's Kando is available in beta now. More information is available here.