AccuRev Updates Eclipse Plug-in

At the EclipseCon 2011 conference, AccuRev delivers an updated version of its plug-in for managing the software development lifecycle.

AccuRev, a maker of application lifecycle management tools, has announced a series of updates to its Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev.

The Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev combines Eclipse with the power of AccuRev software configuration management in a single, integrated environment increasing the agility, reliability and quality of the software development process. Announced at the EclipseCon 2011 conference, which ran March 21-24 in Santa Clara, Calif., the new improvements optimize the software development process and expose the capabilities of AccuRev from within the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

As such, with full support within Eclipse for AccuRev's symbolic links and symbolic elements, developers are able to handle more complex hierarchies during the software development process. Other improvements to the Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev include the addition of powerful timeline-based diff from within Eclipse, allowing for developers to visually step through historical changes made to a source file, and enabling users to locate changes between two points in time. A diff is a file comparison utility that outputs the differences between two files. It is typically used to show the changes between one version of a file and a former version of the same file.

Another improvement in the new Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev is an update to Issue Diff Against Query in the AccuRev WebUI, called directly from within Eclipse, which provides audit capability to track planned content versus actual content, providing fast-paced Agile teams time-saving capabilities.

The new Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev also features advanced support for Eclipse version 3.6, support for Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and support for IBM Rational Application Development version 7.5.X.

"AccuRev recognizes that the Eclipse user base continues to grow, and with this announcement, we're taking steps to provide the best Eclipse integrations possible for our customers," said Damon Poole, chief technology officer at AccuRev, in a statement. "With advanced support for complex development hierarchies, improved visibility into locating changes, and support for fast-paced Agile teams, the Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev meets the requirements of today's fast-paced development teams."

The Eclipse Plug-in for AccuRev is available for download at