Achieve Enterprise Agility Throughout the Complete Lifecycle

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Achieve Enterprise Agility Throughout the Complete Lifecycle

HP has extended its enterprise software strategy, adding new application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities as well as enhanced support for agile software development and project management.

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Traditional Delivery Is Risky

The biggest problem with waterfall software development is that risks can be uncovered too late in the project for them to be easily addressed.

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Agile Equals Lower Risk

If agile is done right, functionality is built faster, is better aligned with stakeholder needs and uncovers risks much earlier in the process.

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Application Development Is Not an Island

Agile enables rapid development, but these gains are lost if features just stack up at the goal line waiting on the same slow release process developers have always used. Value isn't realized until it gets to the user.

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DevOps Goes After the Development-Operations Gap

DevOps is the rising trend for improved collaboration between application development and IT operations teams for better, faster software delivery and management.

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What's the Point of Agile vs. Traditional?

The better question is, what is the point of quickly building and deploying the wrong things?

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Invest in What Matters Most

Strategic portfolio management lets enterprises optimize the value delivered with limited resources across all software investments.

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Coordination Across the Lifecycle

True agility comes from seamless coordination across the complete application lifecycle.

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