Adam Bosworth Is on the Move Again

The software engineer has left Google to pursue a startup business.

Adam Bosworth is on the move again.

Bosworth, whose last known position was as a vice president at Google, left the search giant and posted a blog entry Oct. 6 dropping hints at what he is up to now.

He said the entrepreneurial bug has hit him again, and he is "dusting off" his engineering skills and prototyping software that will likely become the foundational piece of the new venture.

Bosworth kept the details about what his new company will be to himself. In a status update on his Facebook page in the last several weeks, Bosworth said he was creating a Facebook application and was interested in attending a Facebook Developer Garage event. That said, its not necessarily an indication that the peripatetic software architect and engineer is looking at the Facebook Platform as a launching point for his new venture.


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Bosworth has worked for Analytica, Borland, Microsoft, Crossgain, BEA Systems and Google over the years, moving effortlessly between companies and leaving a series of successful products and technologies in his wake. For instance, his team at Microsoft is often credited with creating the basis of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), which is all the rage with developers nowadays.

While at Google, Bosworth worked on the Mountain View, Calif., companys yet-to-be-released healthcare offering. Given the typical non-compete clause, his new company is unlikely to be related to healthcare.

Mums the word from Bosworth. "Oh yeah, what am I building? Actually, Im going to keep that to myself for a bit," he said in his blog. "Come work with me and you can find out, but otherwise, youll need to wait."

He praised Google as "a wonderful company and I had a great time there and had a lot of fun building something I really believe in, Google Health, which I think has a great potential to change the way consumers manage their health when it launches. Still, for me, it is time to start a new company and Im off and running."

Of his "rusty" engineering skills, Bosworth said: "Watching me write code is like watching an indecisive sculptor work with clay. I shape it. I look. I wince. I reshape it. I play with it. I wince some more. I ask my friends, nurse my wounds and then reshape it yet again. And so on. Constant iterative development. It takes three tries before it is even close to the way it should be, best case. "

He said he is working primarily on prototype code, which often seems to be but a step away from being turned into product form, "especially today, with Amazons EC2 and DreamHost and frameworks and LAMP and Ruby on Rails, where it seems that as soon as it works, you can scale it. In point of fact, I think the usual facts apply and it is still a long, hard slog to get from prototype to product."

Bosworth did not respond to requests from eWEEK for more details about his company.


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