AdMob Delivers iPad SDK

AdMob is offering a software development kit that supports native iPad applications with two ad formats.

AdMob has announced that its iPhone OS software development kit now supports native iPad applications with new ad formats.

In a June 2 blog post, AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui said, "Our iPad App SDK is available for all publishers to download and install in their applications. We had strong interest from developers in the SDK while it was in beta and we're excited to make it generally available."

Hamoui continued, "Our new SDK is unified across all devices running the iPhone OS, which means that developers can download one binary for development across all Apple iPhone OS devices-iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. AdMob's unified iPhone SDK makes it easier for developers to quickly integrate our code and start monetizing their applications.

"The new SDK supports two ad formats in native iPad applications: text and tile ads and image ads. Both of these ad formats are available in the three IAB [Internet Advertising Board] standard ad sizes: 300 by 250, 728 by 90 and 468 by 60."

Moreover, he said, "The new text and tile ad formats contain the same 35 characters as our standard CPC [cost-per-click] text ads and are easy to create directly in the AdMob interface. The 35 characters of text are automatically reformatted into all three ad sizes depending on which size ads publishers have implemented in their app.

"Image ads become broadly available starting next week. We recommend [that] advertisers using image ads provide all three ad sizes to maximize the reach of their campaign.

"We're already working with advertisers to create compelling iPad campaigns. is currently running a campaign promoting their Kindle for iPad app."

Hamoui said AdMob also has "put together a sneak preview of the creative potential of iPad ads using HTML5. ... We're excited about the potential of the iPad for both advertisers and publishers and will continue to invest in providing best-in-class monetization and advertising solutions on this platform. Advertisers should note that any ads targeted to the iPhone OS include the iPad by default and it is also possible to target only iPad devices."

Hamoui explained that "AdMob was one of the first companies to launch ad units for both iPhone and Android applications." Now, he said, "We're helping to drive innovation on the iPad. We consider today's launch of text and tile and image ads for iPad native apps to just be the starting point. We're always thinking about what's next and working to leverage the unique capabilities of mobile platforms to create engaging ad experiences."